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    Kanvas 9 Volume 5

    Kanvas 9 Volume 5

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    Kanvas 8 2024

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    Kanvas 7 2024

  • Fortnightly Online Magazine for Kids and Teens
    Fostering & Nurturing Creativity
    Mission and Vision: Character building, Religious knowledge, Current affairs, Social issues, Language skills, Health awareness, Entertainment, & lot more

    Director~ Dr. Uzma Aamir Jilani
    She is a physician & medical educator with experience in many fields. This magazine is her dream project that steps from her love of education and her desire to help kids realise their potential and spend their energy on productive and creative endeavours.

    Editor in Chief~ Mahnur Gilani
    She is a Graduate, a young blogger on social issues and a motivational speaker.

    Review Panel~ Dr Zaira Wahab (Education Consultant), Ms Farah Wahab (Education Consultant).

    Marketing Executive~ Hasan Aamir Jilani (Student & Writer)

    Virtual Head Office: Dublin, Ireland